October 23, 2010


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Social Media 101: Equates Client Cohesion

Technology changes on a day to day basis, the sheer anticipation of what new gadget will be promoted at the next electronics expo or visit to your local Best Buy, is better than a trip down the “yellow brick road”. There was a time when customer intimacy was developed utilizing more archaic means, i.e. phone calls, cold calling, greeting cards, form letters, mailings, etc…but the ultimate goal was to deliver a hard hitting message and to gain brand recognition from your prospective client. Luckily today we have a plethora of easier and more effective delivery systems to not only gain brand recognition, develop customer/client intimacy, form cohesive network relations, and it is all due to social media. Anyone can become a “social media expert or aficionado” if you are savvy, poignant in your message delivery, strategic in who you want to hear your message, consistent, and have a good sense of business acumen. The basic of utilizing exemplary vernacular and/or the King’s English is a must, no one can be understood if the message lacks a concise flow, this is a key rule of thumb in order to utilize social media, now you’re on your way to the Land of OZ.

Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, Hootsuite, Twitpic, are just the bare minimal in the wide array of choice when utilizing social media. The beauty is that all of these tools are cost effect, user friendly, brand developing, can implement a strategic plan, and deliver residual results if utilized correctly. People vehemently dislike the overzealous salesperson. A potential client would prefer someone that has a penchant for truly listening. Even though it is referred to as social media, a robust message can be heard loud and clear, and Twitter is definitely a tool where you must “listen” in order to better serve your client. The lines of communication are clearly opened on Facebook, one now has the opportunity to develop a solid business relationship, potentially gain referral business, and during that process, you are afforded the opportunity to learn about your client, his travels, family, etc…via his photographs. Consistency with follow-up will be the ultimate deal closer in any relationship developed on social media. Micro-blogging may sound like a word that enhances fear for the “not so tech savvy individual”, but it shouldn’t, because with any form of change in society comes the potential for a positive outcome.

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