February 23, 2018


Pam Redwood-Harris

Senior executive and award-winning entrepreneur, Pam Redwood- Harris, is the business mastermind behind the speaking careers of some of the most widely recognized names of our time, having negotiated millions of dollars in speaking deals over the span of her career. As a master connector and Founder/President of SMG Speakers Bureau, Pam seamlessly matches speaking talent with national brands and organizations for maximum impact.

With a heart to see more people win at public speaking, Pam has embarked upon a new journey to groom aspiring and established speakers, alike, for a lucrative speaking career and national platform. Through her experience as a certified, ontological life coach, TEDx speaker coach, Pam helps speakers to birth and present their most authentic message. Additionally, Pam offers digital resources, online courses, live events, and 1:1 coaching to help develop unknown speaking talent into sought-after brands.

Pam Harris is a model example that you can have it all. Aside from her professional work, she enjoys educating women on work/life balance to teach them how to effortlessly flow between home and the office.

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